Our Story

The Luxe Touch is the new and exciting venture set up by me, Claire Burns. I have a love of heritage architecture and homewares. I love beautiful trinkets and treasures, and I am never more happy than when browsing through homeware shops and market stalls, anticipating finding that must-have product.
The Luxe Touch came about after a Pinterest session, where particular products that I was interested in purchasing came up under a hire company and not for sale. This then made me debate the issue of why not hire instead of buying, particularly as the products I was looking at would not have been used that often.
And so my light bulb moment was Why don’t I start up a company bringing the things I love to the hire market?
As you can imagine, my love of this area means that I am constantly thinking of new avenues to add to the collections.
I hope you enjoy the products as much as I do.